About us

Mawuli Ladzekpo, Co-Founder

Roadio is Mawuli's brainchild. His Dad was a driving instructor for many years in Luton where he learned a lot from seeing him set up and operate his local driving school business. Noticing there were surprisingly few high quality technology tools and services available to instructors like his Dad he set about trying to change this.

Mawuli works closely with Nick to design and develop Roadio's apps and services. He also edits the Roadio ADI magazine, writing articles and opinion pieces on the driving industry as well as coordinating Roadio's marketing campaigns. Like his Dad he has a passion for improving road safety.

Nick Daniels, Co-Founder

Nick is the technical and design brains behind Roadio. When Mawuli came to him with the idea for Roadio he quickly realised its potential and was keen to jump on board.

Nick's been teaching himself to code since he was 10 and brings a wealth of experience in web design and development as well as desktop and native app development. The majority of the current app and website was designed and built by him. He has a passion for technology and clean, simple design and is really excited about Roadio's potential for change and the possibilities longer term for using it to help improve road safety.

Our philosophy

We believe driving is a hugely empowering life-skill. The ability to drive lets people see parts of the world they otherwise wouldn't, do jobs they otherwise couldn't and see friends and family more often.

But learning to drive safely is even more important. Road accidents are the biggest killer of young people in the UK and globally with 1 in 5 new drivers in the UK crashing within their first 6 months. We believe that by tackling the problem early by providing better tools, resources and training we can help make a difference and improve this terrible situation.

That's why we're motivated to build world class technology services that support driving instructors and people learning to drive. Both sides deserve nothing less.

Join us

We're a small team with a big heart. If you're enthusiastic about harnessing technology to improve a hugely important sector, we want to work with you.

We're currently looking for full stack web developers, iOS/Android developers and people who absolutely love digital marketing.

Is that you? Let us know at .

Get in touch

We're working our socks off to make Roadio the best service possible for instructors and learners and we're forever striving to do even better.

Got any feedback or ideas for what you'd like to see us do for you?

If so, we'd love to hear from you!

Please drop us an email at . We appreciate every single bit of correspondence we get and promise to reply to you quickly.